08 February 2012


I had seen a sign in the High Street that said 'Save Cornflowers' and passing by the shop I saw it empty and closed looking. Cornflowers is the Winchester College gift shop which sold not only College related gifts, but many other things.

Click here to see it back last summer. The sign on the window says:

The shop has been in College Street for 15 years however the college decided to close it as it was no longer profitable. There has been a campaign to keep the shop going and one comment, which I agree with, was that the shop is a way that people can relate to the college. The college is looking at alternative uses for the site, including using it as a traditional English tea room. I will drop by later in the month to see what has happened.


  1. It is always nice to see small shops rather than chain stores so I hope they can find a way to make something work.

  2. All those Mother's Day gifts, birthday gifts and christmas presents purchased there for me by my son and daughter - I think I might cry!

  3. Hopefully it will come back again in some form or another - I will keep you posted!